Pyrotecnico FX

Pyrotecnico FX: A Special Effects Dynasty Continues Its Expansion

by Tim Bradley at PLSN

Historians believe fireworks first exploded onto the scene in seventh century China and reached widespread use during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). A new
dynasty began in 1889 when Constantino Vitale founded his fireworks company in Pietramelara,Italy. In 1920, he moved his firm and family to New Castle, PA, whose official slogan would become “The Fireworks Capital of America.” In its first century, the business that would emerge as Pyrotecnico grew to become one of the country’s largest fireworks companies. It now creates many of the world’s most dazzling displays.

Now, with the ffth generation continuing the business, the family fireworks dynasty is singing a new song with the addition of PyrotecnicoFX, its dedicated special effects division. With its continually growing inventory of more than 60 lasers, custom light effects, corporate logos, custom graphics and choreographed, shows are limited only by imagination. Fog and cryogenic effects have effortlessly brought mood and mystery to events big and small, including theatrical productions, corporate events, concerts and pageants. Customizable fame effects include everything from showers of sparks and walls of fame to rainbow bursts of fire. Confetti and streamer cannons make any occasion spectacular, from sporting events to parades to weddings.


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