Pyrotecnico FX

Pyrotecnico FX Lights Up the Sky of TomorrowWorld

by Kathy Horne at Mobile Production Monthly

Rocco and Stephen Vitale stole the hearts of the People of TomorrowWorld with their jaw dropping effects. Whether it was overseeing the lava fire explosions spitting from the Main Stage volcano, fireworks shot from behind the mirror stage every few hours, or the mountains and mountains of biodegradable confetti and streamers being dropped on or shot over crowds at all the stages, the amazing work and love of what they do could be seen all over the festival. Bubble machines and confetti launchers were in constant use.

Lasers placed in “DreamVille” were specially designed and programmed to create an ambience just for the campers. Main stage had stage pyro flames and aerial fireworks shot from behind.The Volcano Stage featured stage pyro and aerial fireworks, Frame Stage used aerial fireworks shot from five floating platforms and one pontoon boat in the lake. CO2 and confetti/streamers enhanced all stages and VIP areas, including specially enhanced hand-held CO2 guns used by the DJs. In our article on Pyrotecnico FX in this issue, we provide more detail about the fantastic work they did for TomorrowWorld.

Additionally, LazerImage was responsible for some of the laser effects at TomorrowWorld. “We did Main Stage and the frames stage, as well as a couple lasers shooting over the lake,” explained Hugo Bunk. He noted that the laser systems they use are ones they manufacture themselves, are light, compact and designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.


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