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Pyrotecnico FX Focuses its Lasers Into the Future.


Revolutionary Laser Equipment and Techniques Open a World of Possibilities to the Production Industry

Justin Timberlake is known for many things – his voice, his dancing and his songs, just for a few. But when it comes to his spectacular vision, his eyesight generally isn’t the subject…

While planning the world tour for his “20/20 Experience” album, Justin’s vision pushed his designers and production team to create an experience unlike anything ever conceived in a touring event. From lighting and video to sound, stage and lasers, every department was inspired to take Justin’s vision and bring it to life – night after night.

When it came to creating revolutionary laser effects on the tour, Pyrotecnico was tasked with rethinking the way lasers are used from the ground up. Justin envisioned hundreds of full color beams chasing him across the stage and swooping deep into the audience. These types of Immersive Laser Effects had never been performed at this scale in the US and were not a small order. Pyrotecnico took the challenge and brought decades of experience and unique perspective to the project.

To deliver Justin’s vision, Pyrotecnico had to redefine the way lasers are used – especially in the US…

The Lasers

Pyrotecnico designed a laser rig unlike any other on the road. 22 (that’s TWENTY TWO) solid-state, full color lasers bring Justin’s vision to light each and every night:

16 Pyrotecnico FX Series AS
Vision Protected
Full Color Power

6 Pyrotecnico FX Series Lasers
Exceptional Brightness
Full Color Power


Pyrotecnico designed and built a safety system second to none. With a revolutionary multi-layer framework of hardware and software protection, the system watches the lasers so that the audience can watch the show – safely!


Pyrotecnico is one of a small handful of production companies worldwide that can legally scan lasers into and throughout the audience. No small feat. Using our proprietary laser projection system, meticulous calibrations and measurement procedures, Pyrotecnico has made Audience-Scanning both safe and legal for our clients. For the 20/20 Experience, Pyrotecnico innovated the industry once again. By carefully streamlining our daily safety checks and developing a wireless database to quickly document our findings, Pyrotecnico ensures that each laser is measured from five locations at each venue and that the data is instantly preserved in the Cloud. Previously unheard of, this attention to accuracy and efficiency allows touring with a rig of such massive scale.

The Crew

Emo Palumbo: Laser Designer

Alan Fuehrer: Production Manager

Dani Sawtell: Laser Safety Officer

AJ Seabeck: Lead Laser Technician

Derek Abbott : Laser Technician

Gary Curtis: Laser Technician

Kelly Sticksel: Account Manager for Solotech & Justin Timberlake

Margie Lough: Sales Assistant

The 20/20 Experience

Founded in 1889, Pyrotecnico’s experience is unrivaled. We bring our experience to every show we produce. With our technology, techniques and a totally new approach to design, Pyrotecnico can now bring our 20/20 Experience to you.